Friday, May 29, 2009

A First Mama's Day to Remember...

haha, to say the least!
I won't go into it too much...let's just say it ended early with a hitched ride home with an uncle (rather than the scheduled train ride) from the grandparents, a missed church service, a very tired baby that hadn't napped well in her 3 day's vacation time, the poor family's first opportunity to spend quality time with a very fussy babe (who ended up hollering for a good portion of the day, hence the missed church service), a pained teething mouth, newly experiencing stranger anxiety (not that the family was strange, but she sure had anxiety over her change of environments and regular crowd), and a partridge in a mother's day tree.
Oops, I guess I did go into it much.
Besides all that, we did have a great trip up north to see Will's fam. Here's some collages to prove it (you can click on each one to view them bigger, they ended up kinda teenyweeny on here)!
P.S...I did get some B-E-A-utiful roses and other Mama's day treats from Will and Anna that blessed my soul...

The train ride. Ended up becoming a one-way ticket, ha! We ate and ate and ate and ate (anything to avoid screaming, and her supposed avoidance of napping--she made it with 15 min. of nap time in 9 hours of travel.) We also met a few new friends. I wasn't so sure about handing her off, but Will sure was, ha! The observatory car was her fave!!!

Anna just being Anna...Anna with mama and daddy. Ahh, we wuv each udder...Anna with the grand-rents and the great-grandma (GG). Bathtime, snuggletime, reading time, eating time and play. I think this covers it all...Anna with the aunty and uncles (a great-unc was there too.) The tears represented the majority of her feelings about new faces until she adjusted after a few minutes, or hours. Just takes her a little bit to warm up to newness (environments, stimuli and people.) Just a little bit sensitive. Can't imagine where she gets that from. This little apple didn't fall very far from her tree...

First big day at the park...

Saw this idear on a friend's blog, WAY easier to get pics on here during my mama moments this a-way (thanks NT!)...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Silly Will...

Don't even ask me how he stumbled upon this video tonight on youtube, but he did. And I guess it's worth the entertainment. He said he knows how much I like to look up parenting articles online, so he thought this might be useful for the future with Anna. What do you think, more experienced mamas?? View on...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A really good laugh...

So this is probably one of those that's been going around and many of you have already seen, but I was DY-ing laughing this a.m. when I got it from my friend that passes me along hillarious vids like these. She knows just when a mama needs a GOOD laugh. Is this a peek into my near future, TM?!
So enjoy (it's title was...Are women born this way?)...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

With Wonder and Delight...

Are you marvelling at the world around you
with wonder and delight?

My sweet girl is.

And what pleasure it brings me
to watch the fascination it brings to her heart and mind
as she's learning each new thing I'm teaching and showing her
for the first (and many times after.)
And the greatest joy indeed for this mama
is when she gapes and squeals when we walk into any room
or even look in a slightly silly manner at her delightful little face.

Don't you think it brings our Father God's heart joy
when we marvel at Him, His creation
and the new things He's teaching us too?

I want to have that child-like wonder and delight too...

The father (and mother) of the righteous will greatly rejoice, And he who begets a wise child will delight in him. -Proverbs 23:24

He shall pray to God, and He will delight in him. He shall see His face with joy...-Job 33:26

Wednesday, May 6, 2009