Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bedtime I loveitwhen's...

Ever since we've changed your sleeping arrangement into your big girl toddler bed, mama has exceedingly enjoyed our snuggle time as I lay with and sing to you to help lull you down to sleep or in your words... "mommyrockyou" for the night.
I was thinking the other night, as I was laying next to your warm snuggly body about all the many I loveitwhen's about these evening times together and how I wouldn't give them up for ANYthing.

Here are just a few...
I loveitwhen you know your little routine and nothing or noone in the world can change just one little bit about it...pacie, blankie, hula-girl, story from daddy, prayer and mama-too.
I loveitwhen in desperation you cry out "Iholdmama" or "mommyrockyou" to let me know just how much you need your mama, even when you don't show it much all the day long.
I loveitwhen your crazy fluffy-haired head takes over my face and I just get to breath every last sweet-smelling hair in.
I loveitwhen you squeeze your little body into a little ball and fit right into mama's body, spoon-style.
I loveitwhen I stop humming our praise songs because I can tell you are finally settling down for the night and I can step out and let you fall off to dreamland on your own...and you start humming into the dark room just to let me know you are not quite ready to be done singing our praise songs yet.
I loveitwhen we go for a few more rounds.
I loveitwhen the only sound in the dark quiet peaceful room is our unified breath in and out, in and out.
I loveitwhen your little hand reaches up and strokes mama's arm, just like I'm stroking yours. You're not a readily affection little love bug so mama drinks in every last little touch you'll give her.
I loveitwhen you reach over and drop a pacie in mama's hand, sharing your little comforts with mama because I might just need one too.
I loveitwhen our heads are laying on the same pillow, facing each other and I'm inhaling your sweet breath that I've known and cherished for 23 months long already.
I loveitwhen there's just enough light in the room to see your little adoring face staring at me, smiling, just because you love me and know I love you too.
I loveitwhen I get up to leave, every night, and you look up and say with your most pleading voice...mommyrockyou...because you're just not quite done with my presence beside you yet. And I always lay back down for a couple more rounds of a couple more songs because I'm not quite done with your presence beside me yet either.
I loveitwhen I hear your sweet breaths slowing down and deepening into a restful pace and place.
I loveitwhen I can just sense God's peace wrapping us up for the night, letting us know He's going to hold us both so gently tight.
I loveitwhen I quietly step out of the room and already can't wait to see your joy-filled face in just a few short hours (some nights shorter than others) because I'm already going to miss you so.

As I pondered all of these I loveitwhen's the other night, I felt God's whisper speaking to me that He has a lot of I loveitwhen's with me, His child, too.
I want to enter into His embrace in those moments of peace and sweetness with Him nightly too.
And I especially can't wait until you know my Heavenly Father and His rest, peace, embrace and sweetness too.
Thank you my sweet-precious-enjoyable-child, for giving mama so many opportunities for knowing Him and how He relates to me as His sweet-precious-enjoyable-child too.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

What a Joy

Over the last four and half years I have lived with Krystal as my bride and my wife. I have had a front row seat to watch a woman exemplify what it means to be a to be a wife. Krystal has the unique gift of being able to make our house feel so inviting and special. I know every wife can find some more dirt they wished they had time to clean, but our home is always organized...always cozy...always the perfect place for the three of us. It is a tiresome to faithfully do the job but Krystal does it with Joy.

No only is our house beautifully kept it is perfectly decorated. Colors match (that is a big deal coming from a male-I can't even figure which socks go together)...furniture is situated to give ample space and yet make every seat feel like you are part of the conversation...Every picture and frame work together to reveal our family personality.

In the midst of making our house a home, Krystal is also training up a child in the way she should go. Krystal does more than plop Anna down in front of the TV so she can go about her business. She involves Anna in the process.

Anna is learning to cook...

Anna is learning to clean...

Anna is learning to Organize!!!

Anna is learning to love like Jesus...

After all that Krystal still has the time to be my best friend. I love you Krystal.