Monday, October 26, 2009

It started out as...

a lovely, peaceful and educational trip through daddy's new and thriving freshly-planted grass out back...
Anna was definitely WOW'd by all of daddy's hard work, and that's all daddy needs is a little WOW'ing over his work!!! She's got him wrapped up tightly around her little pinky, can ya tell?
And then, it got a little crazy all of a sudden for a mama and her girl (here's proof that she started it)...

Man I tell ya, this girl is MORE fun than a barrel o' monkeys!! And who really even knows how fun a barrel o' monkeys can be anyways??? They've never had a little girl this crazy, I bet!

Truly, "a merry heart does good, like medicine," cuz we're all finally on the mend!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What do you do...

with an extremely clingy-fussy-screams-when-anyone-but-mama-holds-her child?
Strap her on,
in your fabulously created mei-tai carrier
and let her tag along
for the ride of her life!

And YES, if you're wondering...the haggard look was caused and increased by the little growth on my back. OH I LOVE HER SO, THOUGH!!! You're worth all of it baby!
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(I'll give you the mei-tai designer's info if you're in the market b/c you have these days at your home too!)

The Punkin' Patch!

We took the lil punkin to the punkin patch on Monday! What joy it brings us to see the delight sparkle in her eyes over new experiences!
Cutie patootie hats for sale at KidMart!!!
"Yeah right mom. Forget cutie patootie, I'm totally OVER it!"
She actually got kinda freaked out when we set her on the pumpkins. Could it have possibly been that stem on the bum that bothered you, honey?

As long as she could just inspect them herself, they were pretty durn cool!"Come on Dad, let's get outta here. Mom's obssessed with that black thing in our faces isn't she?" "Let's go inspect these amazing rocks instead!"

"Mama, have you even seen how they make these rocks at the punkin patch?! They're way different than the ones at home!"

Proof that mama does exist on the other side of the camera...
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Friday, October 9, 2009

More Nesting progress, take 2...

A very sick man on a now very-germy couch...But you get the idea, kitchen meets dining room meets family room of the new Irwin casa...
Le master suite...(haven't done wall treatments in this room and looking for tanny-gold or silvery-blue lampshades for those beside lamps, let me know if you see any steals!)
Diggin' our little reading corner in here (next project is painting the papasan with a fresh coat)
The mostly finished and very lived in kitchen...(I never knew how cluttered and well-used a kitchen bar could get, best dropping site in the house) And I am SO loving the fresh light and life the skylight brings into the kitchen. Natural light is good for this soul!
The will-be-piano-wall plus some random furniture I haven't decided where to place yet...(it's stool is even anxiously awaiting it's arrival)
The other wall in the piano room (still need to lift that chandelier up to ceiling level, it's a real doosy on the head, even for us short folks)
The family room, in need of some wall treatment love...(I think my personal favorite accent in here is the rabbit ears on the tv. You gotta do what you gotta do to watch football when you've got no cable!)
Yes, I have removed the pillow tags by now. :)
The big reveal, my fav-o wall ever! My mom inspired me with the first piece of fabric with the birds on it and I continued to find matching pieces from Joel Dewberry's aviary line to add in the rest. Throw it on some canvases, paint and distress a couple of old frames, add in a shelf for dimension and there you have it, a wall o' many colors and character...
And I'm SO having fun adding and taking away to my new plant shelf (that is obviously plant-less). W's really enjoying his time up and down the ladder as well, haha!There's more where that came from soon, after I nurse these 3 bodies back to health and wellness!! Or more like when our Healer sees fit to bring us back to well living!
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nesting progress is being made, take 1...

The connected kitchen, dining room and family room in the works...Our Master Suite!Anna's room The Piano Room, which is still piano-less. Anxiously awaiting it's transfer from storage to here...
Le entry...
The dining room move-in mess...
The office/library/craftroom/dumphole for now... Still unearthing boxes of's like Christmas in September and October and November...
Only by the gracious help of many hands, providing meals, vacuuming floors, putting together kitchens, lights, cribs and more!!
We're so blessed by our family and extended family o' friends!
"God is not unjust;
He will not forget your work and the love
you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them."
-Hebrews 6:10
More updated pics to come soon, managing sick baby and hubby as I even type...