Tuesday, February 8, 2011


By one of my dear ole friends (I was her boss, she was my boss, we was our boss, and then we were our boss' friends and then we were our friends' bosses and then we were just friends--sisterfriends connected at the heart, at that)!!!
But now that she's skipped right on outta town and sought out the warm sunny rays of Cali, she owns Kia Gregory Photography in Central Valley, CA. Kia is giving away some jewels from Stella & Dot jewelry on her blog right now and I WANT IT!!!  (Kia Gregory Photography Giveaway Link)
So, here's your postage, sister KG!
Sure hope I win!
And to all the rest of you in Central Valley Cali...go get you some photographic family artwork done by her!!!!! She's unbeatable!
And now, because this postage is ALL about you Kia Gregory, and just because I can, I am going to highlight your beauty and why EVERYone in Central Valley Cali should go find you!!!!
Cuz really, who could ever resist this gorgeous face 
that NEVER ceases to bring deep hearty laughs and joy to my heart whenever we are together...

So, don't just take my word for it folks, go see her work for yourselves at:
You won't be disappointed!