Saturday, April 9, 2011

THE talk...

I'm pretty sure I just had my first "talk" with my two-point-five-year-old.
You know.
THE talk.
Like the birds and the bees kind of talk.
What in tarnation?!
NO ONE told me, I'd have to be prepared for this business SO stinkin' early!
Where have I been people?!
Our snuggle-at-bedtime convo just went a little somethin' like this after our snuggle-prayer time (in which we prayed for health and protection for the little cousin in the womb of her Aunt Suzanna):

Anna: I'm gonna have a baby too.
Mama: (choking, gasping, grasping the air for words) Oh wow! Not for a really long time, honey. Not until you're really old like mama. And there's a daddy too. And you're like married. With a ring on your finger. Like mama's ring on my finger that daddy gave her when we got married.**
**Can you tell I'm doing some serious stumbling and bumbling around in the dark. Literal and figurative dark?! Because I TOTALLY was.
Anna: What's married?
Mama: Ummmm, it's where a daddy gives a mommy a ring, and they stay together forever.
Anna:  Oh. I don't want a ring on my finger.


Think I diverted that one ok? Bahahahahah! 
Calling all veteran mamas HEEELLLLLPPPPP!!!!

And mommy and daddy made one.