Monday, June 29, 2009


(A-bug practicing her hula hands in her sleep at 2.5 weeks old!)

Hula is already runnin' thick thru these baby veins (as pictured above from September of '08 and in the video below from tonight.)
I seriously have hardly even shown her how to do her hula hands, and she has watched her other lil hula bff practicing the hula hands a couple of times, but A-bug just busted these out tonight as I was doing them at dinner time, singing "Little Brown Girl" to her. So hillarious! It's amazing how much she's picking up and sponging in, just watching us. I must still do my hula hands and moves more often than I think!
We only caught the 2nd time thru tonight on tape, which wasn't as whole hearted as the 1st time thru, but she was so proud of herself after she was done the 1st time (probably because I was jumping up and down going crazy that she did it and hollering at daddy to break out the video cam) that she broke out into applause for herself. It takes her a minute to catch on again to the dance we're performing together, AND the camera is a wee bit of a distraction (or maybe she's gonna hate stage performance and being in front of people like her mama too, Sharon!) so be patient with her. She gives you a little taste at least!

I'm still dying laughing every time I watch it. She must know that she's already in training, as mama did polynesian dancing on and off from ages 5 to 25...and she's up next!!!

Look into her future Sharon (our hula teacher) and friends too...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Parenting, short and quick-reads...

Been doing a little reading (short and quick-reads of course, don't have a lot of long-reads time these days.)
Here's a few intriguing reads that have perked my ears and resonated in my heart, as of late. I have a dear friend, of whom I greatly respecting her grace-filled, godly parenting of 4, who is my short and quick-read supplier (as time is short to even find good short and quick-reads) and she's passed along a few winners...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Proof is in the Pudding...

That our lil bug can endure a car ride without incessant screaming, wahoo! We never thought we'd make it to this day, but we're here and lovin' it!

There's still a minor complaint here and there, but nothin' like we used to endure...

My nerves have been spared on the road, finally! And who knows what ever made this wee girl hate that car seat since birth, I'd love to know what goes on in that lil baby mind of hers.

And...we thought she had missed an important developmental milestone (gasp!) when she was never interested in eating her feet like she should have been at 4 months old, haha! Well, she found 'em now. Eat on, baby girl!

And could the baby blues get any bluer?!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For the love of SUN and SWIM!

Hoooooray! I got a waterbaby! I was secretly hoping I'd get a sun and swim-lovin' babe as those are two of my greatest loves in life (right after Jesus and Will and Anna of course)!
I could inhale this sunscreened-up, no fear of kickin' and splashin' water lovin', gigglin', squealin' 19 lb 8 1/5 oz round squishy 9.5 month old babe all day long...


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Monday, June 22, 2009

Housing update follow-up...

So, a couple of days after I posted my last update on the house progress, I got a lovely little email from Picasa saying there'd been some "glitches" with their system, resulting in a wipe-out of any photos I had recently uploaded to blogger. Arrgh! So, if anyone uploads photos to blogger and knows the time it takes to arrange them after upload (if you know an easier way, please let me know), you will understand why I'm taking the easier route this time. I'm posting a slideshow of the album of photos that I had previously uploaded with comments attached to explain...(no time to sit around these days with wee one mobile now!)

If that doesn't work, here's a link to the album...

Our Next Home!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Groundhog's Day???

Does anyone feel like they're sitting right in the middle of that movie and world just keeps spinning round and round and round them?

Welp, here we go again...
After the sale of our first self-help, sweat equity home, we decided the best route for the budget was for an Adair home to be built for the fam. So here goes our 2nd building project in 3.5 years of marriage. I know, we're in for it. But the best part this time...we're not the ones hammerin' and liftin' the walls, wahoo! We do have a few owner responsibilities in the project, but they ain't nothin' compared to before!
The lot being all prepped up. Excavation Nation!!!The lot all covered up for dry-out during rainy days...Three quarter minus on and all leveled out...And then just a few short days ago, one week ago to be exact, the foundation work commenced (it's been a LOOOONG 6 months of waiting)...There's even been bloom-age already happening! Will's been loving playing in his new yard already. He even has a little mini-forest wetlands to tend to in our front yard and he's dreaming about all the scaping of the land he's going to do in the new front and back yards (yards we never had in the old house!)All ready for floor work to begin...Yay, the floor joists are in and we didn't have to nail 'em!My man has been working hard on this place already (site prep work, site clean up every few days, digging ditches, planting foliage, laying pipes, coordinating sub contractors). I'm so proud of him and even though the hours on top of work are a little strenuous on family time, I'm so grateful to have a man "preparing a place" for little A-bug and I. What a hard-working, handsome and providing bridegroom I have! We can't wait to see our completed castle! The lil bug was really excited about the foundation work too...Can you take a wild guess at who grampa's favorite little girl is now????Will's fave place on the lot right now...And then the sub-flooring was done...And then the garage walls went up...And then the interior and exterior walls and OSB siding went on... Dining Room with a view...

An expansive back yard (compared to the non-existent one we used to have!)Will's pipe work... Some of our dear new neighbors and friends stopped in for a visit while out on a bike ride...

This little family o' three is so excited...
All in a week's work! Can you even believe it?! We sure can't! And again, the best part is, not a single hammer swung. Whew!
We serve a really big and awesome God!
Unless the Lord builds the house, it's laborers labor in vain. And this we know to be true.
So build on Jesus, build on!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Would the real Gerber Baby please stand up?

Yes, we're a little biased,
but don't ya think she looks like the wittle Gerber munchkin
just a wee bit? :)
We think it just might have something to do with the cheeks...
that don't quit.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New news on the Irwin front...

You might want to click on the collage (below the commentary) to see them in larger style, but here's a few recent shots, of the new news at the Irwin's.
Anna is...
-Pulling herself up on everything in sight, then bending down to pick up everything underneath her, to hold while standing. She doesn't quite know her lack of coordination to do all that yet. But she's a brave one!
-Crusing around whatever firm (or not so firm) standing surface she can find.
-Sleeping better (until the recent illness of course)
-Playing with her new pink Oregon zoo monkey from Uncle Thys and Aunty Kate.
-Getting loved on from sweet buddy Noah.
-Staying with Grammy and Gramps so mama and daddy can go on a lunch date at King Estate winery! wahoo!
-Playing the piano with Uncle Thys
-Making lots of scrunched up funny faces and squealing sounds. She loves her own voice!
-Sucking her thumb all of a sudden, only sporadically.
-Spending time with buddies Jonah and Javan and Audrey and Levi and Grace and Noah.
-Biting mama and daddy's noses.
-Standing up in crib in middle of the night and hollering until someone comes to get her (she doesn't quite know the secret yet of just sitting herself back down.) :(
-Getting ready to move into a new house (the foundation was finally started last week!)
-Pulling off anyone's glasses that come near her with a quick flip of the wrist. She's sneaky.
-Playing with Horton, who she is just finally getting bigger than.
-Being proud of her daddy, Pastor Will, who performed his 2nd wedding this month! And has his 3rd next month!
-Finally healed up from her first major head injury from mobility. It took a week for that nasty bruise to clear up. :(
-Wearing cool chica pink shades.
-Enjoying discovering her tongue and all the fun things it can do.
-Getting dressed by daddy sometimes (note the 2 different shoes and diaper with a green top and red headband---this isn't allowed to often, ha!)
-Getting her first baby doll (with wild and crazy bedhair hair like hers and bright blue eyes, it's her mini-me!)
-Peeing all over daddy (oops, should have put the diaper on before she crawled on your lap daddy)
-Loving her new and expanded buffet bar diet...bananas the most, she's her daddy's girl!
-Getting in Sadie (the black lab's) face. Sadie knows exactly how many inches to stay away to not get mauled.
-Putting her feet up on the table and kickin' back at a fancy meal at Dino's (don't think the owners were too happy about that, ha!)
-Rolling around on the floor lots with Gramps, her favorite mountain to climb.
-Driving the car with daddy.
-Being very successful with a lovely pincer grasp and picking up and eating every last dust fleck on the floor.
-Still hating car rides for any extended period of time, or when tired or when hungry, or when.......
-Growing more hair so she can wear pretties in her hair.
-Walking with hands to help.
-Crawling in and playing in her toy baskets.
-And last but VERY much not least...surviving a 102.8 fever for 2 days on and off, and crazy twitching from the fever and puking, now resulting in a big fat double ear infection, a barking cough and a really stuffed up nose. Poor girl. She's on meds and on the mend as we speak. Pedia pops tended to be her new fave treat (or treatment I mean)!
WHEW, I think that covered it all!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Spendin' time with Mr. Sunshine...

for A-bug's 8 month photo shoot.
We tried to make it out before Mr. Sunshine made it out for the day, but he made it to the racing blocks before us. So we tried our hardest to play hide and peek with him, while keeping this fair baby skin out of the rays and Kellie's cam working with the right was tricky business.
Never had to worry about so many factors in the sun before, I just used to trek out and bake myself without a care in the world. Man, life has sure changed. For the best, of course.
And as usual, she worked her photog magic on the little poppy covered yellow brick road...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My sweet little 7 month old...

well, she's 9 months old now (where did the time go, could somebody seriously tell me?!),
but here's a link to my sisterchick's blog
(sisterchick: a friend who shares the deepest wonders of your heart, loves you like a sister, and provides a reality check when you're being a brat, --Check out the books, good reads folks!) who does A-bug's monthly photo shoots, of my sweet little 7 month old girl (just a sneak peek above)...
Does it get any better?! No, I don't think so. And I know you want the info and digits to my outstanding photographer as well, so check Kellie's work over on her blog too, she's GOOOOOOD!
And oh yes, as a reply to all the comments, she is possibly one of the most photographed babes in Douglas County.
But I don't know if I seriously believe that cuz I know you all are as obsessed about and photo'ing your own babes as much I am. ;)