Sunday, February 25, 2007

Color takes hold

We have four houses painted!!! Granted it is only one coat, there are six more to paint and the rain doesn't seem to be letting up! But we are moving forward!!


Cristina said...

It's a good thing your house is going to be gray. That way your house will be invisible on most Oregon days! Our house is only camoflauged on corn chowdery days.

Hmm... I apologize for our sarcasm
(see previous basketball post). We are REALLY excited to have you guys in the neighborhood... and quite thankful to God for bringing you into our lives (insert clap offering here)!

Cristina said...

Yes, I did read it in your post. No, I wasn't making fun... my husband likes to mess with my head in a similar fashion.

Thanks for sicking our neighbors on us today... we quite enjoyed it :)

KiaBia said...

I love how Will always manages to look like his "working" even though all he's doing is delegating....JUST KIDDING!