Wednesday, May 9, 2007

We have a deck!

The latest update on the Irwin casa is that we have a deck!!! OH yes, and we do so love our front deck already, as you can tell in the bottom pic! We can't wait to find some great little porch swing to hang and enjoy our sweetened iced tea on a summer day on this new deck.
But, besides a new deck, our driveway is also having it's final concrete pour today (it took 3 different pours since it's so long), the cabinets are sitting in our living room waiting to be installed and we are awaiting the Mr. fix-it-texture guys to show up to recreate the beauty of the walls that our burglars last week, tried to destroy. For those of you who haven't heard yet, we had some pretty ugly damage done to our new home last week (we thank the Lord that we weren't living there yet) when some people (cops weren't able to fingerprint to figure out who) broke in and left some sick excrements in the garage and spare bedroom and their "markings" behind in our master bedroom of their gang symbols and other lovely explitives. None of it was really lovely actually, pretty disturbing to tell the truth. But we also know that it can't scratch the surface of the foundation that was built for this home with much love, blood, sweat and tears, scriptures that were written all over the studs that can never be removed and a lesson that will never leave our hearts that our treasures are never to be stored up here on earth, but in heaven where moths & thieves can never steal or destroy! Words that came to life for us this weekend.
So anyway, we are now looking at a June 15th move-in date, but as many of you probably know--this is the construction world and timelines don't ever seem to be of the utmost importance in the subcontractor's world. So as we wait, we will just keep posting you with new pics of our updates! Keep praying for us as we perservere to finish this race--the finish line is in sight, which often tends to be the toughest leg!!


KiaBia said...

What the heck you all got a deck? Cool.

Just the 5 of us said...

Almost done! so looking forward to see you and spend some QUALITY time. love you

Simone said...

Praise the Lord you can cover your house and property with HIS blood so that no harm can upon you and no disater came come near your tent! Congrats and Aloha!