Thursday, July 12, 2007

okay, so...

We know what slackers we have been on the Irwin blogger scene, but I'm actually in Montana visiting my mom's fam and I finally have a few moments to tend to the matter. Will has actually emailed me a few lovely pics of the home to show my fam, but I'm not feeling highly capable of doing the copy-paste job from my email on my aunt's computer to the blogger site. Sorry! But we will have the new and improved house pics on here as soon as I return home to Bunting Court! Just wanted to update you all, those of you who care enough to follow this crazy blog at least, to let you know that we are alive and well and LOVING making our new home (I believe it's everything God made me to be, a homemaker that is) way more than the building of it. I feel like I'm nesting w/o even having a child to nest for! Will's right in his little element out in the yard and I'm right in mine, creating the inner beauty of it all. We will let you see some glimpses early next week! Until then...pray for safe travels for me, heading back westward tomorrow and for Will's ability to live without me! Hahaha!

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