Thursday, August 16, 2007

Oh where oh where have the Irwin's been???

Well, we've been traveling around the state over the last week (pretty much covering it from the north end to the east end, back to the south end.) We started at the Leadership Summit conference in Portland (telecasted from it's Chicago homesite) and then stopped in for a couple of visits at family & friends up there (Thys and Kate and the Coulombe clan), did an observation at Grace Chapel in Wilsonville of their children's ministry programs on Sunday, then headed East to Eagle Crest to stay with Will's fam at their timeshare at the resort, had some great chatting times and tandem bike rides for a couple of days there, and then headed back west to the 'burg with a stop on the drive home at Crater Lake (holy toledo, what a grand beauty that place is!) On the drive home, we even had a little froggy stop in for a hop-a-long in the car. I got a little freaked out when it unashamedly (and unexpectedly) landed on my leg and about lost my brain as I squealed and tried to hop in the backseat (mind you, this is all on the windy rode home along the Umpqua River from Crater Lake). Will quickly pulled over (not by choice, but by threats from his crazed wife) and gave our little froggy a new home out by the river, rather than on my leg or hopping around making a new nest and family to come, in my car!
Stay tuned for more pics of the rest of the week, when I return home
(I'm hiding out in Will's office while he's in a staff meeting)...Dinner at the Cheesecake factory, after one of our Leadership Summit sessions!
Yummo, gotta love the cheesecakes!!

The bulk of the gang we went up there with L-R...Larry Whitaker, SFC Church Administrator; Suzy Halstead, SFC Church Secretary Extraordinare; Jim Halstead (behind Suzy) Head SFC Elder; Paul Glazner, SFC Teaching & Assimilation Pastor; Lynda Whitaker (left front), Larry's wife; Jan Glazner (right front) Paul's wife!! Not pictured...Ed & Robynne Wilgus (he's SFC's Lead Pastor) and the Irwin's. We had some awesome team bonding and development times!

Thanks for the gift of allowing us to attend SFC!

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Mama Amy said...

OH you can go out and have your fun, as long as you return dear friends!!!
I want a bike like that.