Tuesday, September 18, 2007

And Gramma Came to Visit...

Will's grandma Susie came to visit us at the end of August for Labor Day weekend, and what a treat it was! She also got to see her little grandson preach for her first viewing!

She was lovin that!

We had a shishkabob bbq!

Enjoyed lots of good gma stories and laughs!
Will even gave her a swing dancin' lesson!
Grandma raised the roof with her praises!
We went pinecone hunting for gma's next creation, a fall wreath!We had a picnic by the river, while on our pinecone hunt...

We love our grandma!


Mama Amy said...

what a sweetie!Glad to have met her

downward spiral said...

good to see the blog movin' again!
love ya,