Monday, December 31, 2007


Is there anything more refreshing than mowing my lawn? I don't think so.

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simmie flock said...

dude! if you're gonna post about mowing your lawn, you better be showin' some pictures! :)

hey, your blog is so cute and fresh. it really is a glimpse into your personal journal, i feel. i really enjoy it. so, you changed your home page picture. why? don't get me wrong, the pic up now is totally cute, too, but that last one of you guys singing or whatever you were doing while will was driving....LOVED IT! was trying to think of some way to recreate it for me and darren! it was so fun and spontaneous looking/feeling.

ok, take care and enjoy your little home and life. jump in and love what God has entrusted you with!

i'll be checkin in quite often....
love ya!