Thursday, July 10, 2008

Who's she gonna look like????

Krystal's growing up pics

or Will?
Will's growing up pics

We're waiting for some younger ones of K and older ones of W, but you'll get the jist of us in our wee little bodies! Can't wait to see how our Anna turns out!


simmie flock said...


Who IS little Anna gonna look like? Hhhmmm...

One thing's for certain...meeting that little face for the first time takes your breath away. And the fact that our Lord Jesus hand-knit her every fiber together into the daughter you'll be looking at causes you to fall even deeper in love with Him...

It's all good! And it's SO good!
Love you! And counting the days down with you guys!

Mama Amy said...

Well she has no choice except to be absolutely adorable!!! Can't wait to see her either.

Serenity said...

hey you,
I saw you called the other day but can't call you back! Out here in good ol' Canada we are off our AT&T plan and my e-mail is acting up. So, at least I have this avenue! i know you are praying for us- so glad to hear about VBS, I'm glad it went so well!
love you and miss you,

Captivated said...

that was fun!

Cassie said...

She will absolutely be the MOST beautiful thing you have ever seen!! So when are we going to see the big belly?