Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy day of loving to you!

Anna got to spend the day of love with her daddy dearest on Saturday,
while her mama threw a baby shower for her dear friends Jill and Grace.
She got to stop in for a visit though, to see two of her buddies.
The big girls were very intrigued by fresh-out Grace....

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Papa Jon said...

She is such a little lady already. I love her heart sweater...too cute!

Phil Thornburg said...

Hey Irwin Three,
It is fun to see your photos! love them. Your little lady is growing sooo fast.
Just had a great time in San Antonio with Seren and Andy and G-kids.
Keep the faith!
Phil and Barb Thornburg

Transformed said...

You two girls are beautiful! How is mama-hood? Love you. Hugs.