Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Daily Joys...

What we've been up to lately...forget the daily grind,

we've been experiencing some serious daily joy!!

Did we all think this day would come? mmm maybe.

But nevertheless here we sit, right in the middle of it...

Organizing socks. (a girl after her mama's heart)
Bathing the beauty with our fave-o-rite toys, can you tell which one it is?!
Smiling for miles. Many many smiles big and small, wide and tall.
Snuggling & traveling with mama.
Munching everything in sight. Or teething on everything in sight is more like it.
Attempting to sit up on her own. A little side push-up we like to call it. We're not quite there yet, but ALLLmost!
Making crazy screeches, hollers and pterodactyl noises.
Sitting up big and strong.
Eating lots and practically jumping out of the high chair when it doesn't enter the mouth quite fast enough.
Watching Horton and snuggling with Grammy.
Studying the Bible with mama (or Bible study interrupting is how it really goes).
Losing all the dark luscious curls, down to the baby mini mullet nubs.
Reading the Bible (or eating it mostly).
Playing with daddy, her favorite playmate. He gets lots of big belly laughs, especially when eating her feet.

Discovering our toes, hers and ours.
Turning half-a-year old! We had half-a-party!
Loving our moments.
Enduring affection, ha!
Being a family.
Feeding ourselves.
Drinking formula in a big girl cup (or measuring cup, ha!)
Obsessing about tags. We need NO other toys in life, just tags.
Pretending to be a bunny.
Enjoying rice treats.
More where those came from soon...


Transformed said...

Love all the precious photos. What a delight. I am on the verge of baby crave....Need to keep focused on the seven!

GeekyTogether said...

Oh my goodness I LOVE the bunny picture!! That's just beyond precious (so, I'm gonna have to copy you... when and if the day arrives).

Captivated said...

i love love love this post. you are so good about capturing those moments... keep it up, mommy. you irwin 3 are so precious to me!

KiaBia said...

Ahhh. The bunny! The bunny! Oh, I love the bunny! You're killing me smalls!

Serenity said...

Love this! Love you! Love Anna! Love your precious family!

Christina said...

Oh Krystal, the pictures are so precious!!! Thank you for sharing.

ericandash said...

that is so great! I also think that her and Violet are a lot alike! :) She is so amazingly cute!! Violet eats those rice crackers too! She looks about the same eating them... they don't always make it into the mouth the way she planned.