Monday, April 6, 2009

A big week!

Oh yes indeed it was...
Anna had her 1st babysitting venture outside of grammy & gramps time with Auntie Em and Audrey Kate. Along with this came her first friendship drama. She is really into pulling Audrey's hair and Audrey's not so much into it. So one had a melt-down and the other quickly followed. Melissa and I were wishing we had caught it on tape, as we laughed and they melted over each other's pain. It was a movie picture in the making for sure.
Anna had her 1st week in the church nursery and had a blast, even had a wrestling match (or got wrestled down) with another little princess as I arrived at the end. So hillarious to see her developing her social and play skills!
I chopped off the strangly strung out hippie do, 8.5" total off. I feel so light and free. A much needed new mama do.
We signed the docs, we're official landowners of our new property for our next homebuilding project, wahoo!
And best of all, Anna started saying "mom-mm", not mama, but mom-mm. She says it for me and food. Does that make us equal? Does it get any better than that, mamas out there?!

And a few shots from the week...
Anna's feelings when Duke was out of the March Madness tourney. A girl after her daddy's heart.
Anna trying on her own John Deere boots from Will's Uncle Mack. They're like 10 sizes too big, but since we can't fit our cankles in boots our size, we thought we'd see if too-big-ones fit. Nope. Cankles still too big.
Anna and her first technology experience with daddy. An i-pody afternoon on the swing. Beautiful moments indeed.

Anna and daddy going to their first baseball game together! He said that everytime the crowd cheered she looked around, wondering what she did that they were all so excited about. We must sound like a crowd cheering for her at home, so she's used to it I guess.
She is one loved girl.


GeekyTogether said...

So where are the pictures of the new hair cut?

That's just too cute about her looking around when everybody cheered! Makes sense to me. :)

KiaBia said...

HAHA! I didn't see that she was wearing some Duke fan gear. That Anna. And her precious cankles!