Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Honor My Wife!

Today is the fourth anniversary of our marriage. In those four years we have not made life easy on ourselves.
We have spent:
-eleven months personally building a house
-ten months living with in-laws
-nine months pregnant (all months carried by Krystal)
-three months building a second home

We have had:
-four different zip codes
-three major job changes
-two cars break down in one day
-one difficult year at UVC
-two amazing years at SFC
-one car accident (not her fault)
-1461 days together
-ten and a half seasons of Survivor (seven on DVD)
...But in those four years we have grown deeper, closer and more in love. I love you Krystal.

Mother: You are the most amazing mother. You work tirelessly to see that our daughter is loved and cared for putting her needs above your own. You are patient and gentle. You see her needs and provide for them all. You discipline with proper restraint and see the need for grace always giving Anna the choice to obey. You are a wonderful example of motherhood.

Wife: You are my dearest friend. You make me better at every turn. There is not a sermon I've shared that has not run through your caring heart to help me weigh its merits and remove the drivel. You help me see where grace is needed and when a kind word is appropriate. I am a better man because you are in my life (Think of all the stupid stuff I use to say). There are a million tiny ways that make our friendship ours...a thousand connections no one else would understand, but you, you see where I am going and know what I am thinking. We are a fact.


Simone said...

Goodness Krystal! What a sweet post from your hubby! Happy Anniversary!!!

Dawn @ My Home Sweet Home said...

What a sweet, sweet post. I love that top photo. :-)