Wednesday, January 20, 2010

She's becoming...

It was the mini-jeans and the mini-tennies that proved it to me today.
And her signing, telling me she had to go potty, as I raced her in to her big girl chair and watched her indulge herself for the 2nd time on the squishy potty training seat.
And the moment she answered my mom's phone, after looking at the image of me ringing in, and said "Mama?"
And the running into her cupboard, pulling out a bowl and shoving it into my face while pleading "Nack" (snack in her terms).
And the wiping down the kitchen floor with a towel, out of her own volition, because she had spilled some drips of bubbles.
Does anybody have the potion they drink to keep them mini, forever?


Serenity said...

You could try giving her coffee. But then there are the other side effects that aren't so fun...bouncing off the walls, not sleeping, etc.
Just an idea.
Can't wait to see her...and you!

Kia said...

Wow! They grow so fast! Looking at the pictures from the entry before this and then reading this entry I keep thinking, "No way." She still seems like such a wee babe.