Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SmackTalk, iPhone style!!

Never thought I would EVER on this green earth say I wanted something so technologized as an iPhone or iPod Touch or whatever else in the world with an "i" prefacing the name there is out there. I'm just not a Mac-y or a tech-y, so they just don't really appeal, I guess. Take it or leave it would be my motto on the matter. Eh, whatev. We usually end up with the bottom of the line free phones that you get when you start a new contract, cuz they fit in the family budget (so you better not go dropping them in the toilet before your 2 years runs up!!) And on top of all that, who would have ever thunk I'd enjoy hearing my daughter SMACK-talk?!?! haha!

So anyways, now that we have that established, I had to eat my words today, all for the love of a child of course. My friend T.C. and her kids came over today for a catch-up visit and brought the beloved instrument into our techno-ignoramus realm and enlightened us with the app "Smacktalk"!! OH man, the Apple heavens opened up and shone down on our little geometric rug in our very own living room aaaaand, I actually said I might consider an iPod Touch solely for the sake of being able to download this singular app just for the hilarity of good family entertainment. The basic jist (which you all probably already know) is that you can scroll through all of these cutesy little animal images that each have different squeaky voices that repeat back to you whatever you speak to them. A-bug was DY-ing. Couldn't get enough of it, once she figured it all out. She was even diggin' the touch screen capabilities!

So, note to self...never say never, cuz you just don't know what kind of smack-talkin' app you're gonna come across someday and fall head over heels in love with, and you'll have to eat your very own words. All for the sake of your child, of course.

It's still not in the family budget of course, but can't a girl (or two) dream of their own personal smack-talkin' days, every once in a while?!

So, anyways, enjoy the vids posted below (or if you can't see them in FB, hop on over to the Irwin Adventures blog @ http://irwinadventures.blogspot.com/2010/03/smacktalk-iphone-style.html) Hope they give you a hearty laugh as it did all of us! Thanks T.C. for brightening our day with the good company and the good laughs!


Will Irwin said...

I think we have a future rapper on our hands!!!

Marcus Satellite said...

I'm Marcus Satellite, the developer of SmackTalk! I'm so glad you and your kids are enjoying it!

Kia Gregory said...

I had to download SmackTalk just because of this. Thanks, a lot, Krystal. Another $.99 snatched from my wallet for mindless fun.