Tuesday, September 28, 2010

She inspires me to…

higher heights.

always be willingly available to HIM.

love unabashedly.

live more greenly.

to be a fool for HIM.

be okay with messes, relationally and materially.

allow courage to squash my fears.

live unhindered by stuff.

not make little stuff a big deal.

laugh a lot.

be flexible.

not miss out on the grand adventure of life.

be sensitive to the voice of His Spirit.

live graciously.

let things go.

live on little or much.


be content.

have fun.

let your kids be kids.

not be driven by my emotions.


play with my kids.

be aware of and stand firm against the enemy’s attacks.

let light shine on dark places.

be who God made me to be.

live victoriously in HIM.

be transparently real.

confess and find healing and forgiveness.

be willing to give it all up for HIM.

to be free in Jesus.


Got to hold up the arms of this dear friend this past weekend, while God used her to speak into the lives of many women at a conference, to help them find simplicity in their walk with Him. While doing that, I was bowled over by how much she has taught me, well really, that HE has taught me through her (this list is only the beginning), over our 12+ year friendship. Could ya'll just go get one of "her" in your life?!

Looking forward to many more to come too, my dear and precious and inspiring Seren.


Trina said...

Guess who I got to meet on Monday? Serenity! She was at The Storyline Conference in Portland, sitting in the front row with her friend and the winner to the conference blog contest, Lori Ventola. At the conclusion, I went up and introduced myself and told her that I read her blog. I love when worlds collide and it was so fun getting to meet her. I told Serenity that I was going to email you about the encounter, but I also want to echo with you that even though I only know her from her blogging, she inspires me too.

Serenity said...

Wow, my friend. Thank you. I feel honored, humbled that you think so much of me- or more like Jesus in me, and so glad that you are my friend. God is good and so amazing at His redemption stuff.
Love you, love you, love you.