Monday, June 13, 2011

Dayspring Product Review: I AM A CHILD OF GOD wall art!!

First of all, I just have to shout out from the rooftops how incredibly ecstatic I was to receive a real-live-no-cost gift in the mailbox addressed just for ME! What girl wouldn't be jumping up and down excited for that?! The only thing asked for in return is that I complete and post a product review on my fabulous new gift! That's what I call a seriously sweet deal! I'm telling ya, what girl's heart would be encouraged and lifted up by that?! And encouragement just happens to be kind of a big deal at Dayspring this month! Encouraging products (Dayspring's online shop), encouraging writings ((In)courage's home)'s all looming in the sweet and (in)couraging air!
So, anyways, on with my thoughts on what encourages me and how this lovely little boldly-stated wall plaque affirmed what I feel God has been speaking over me in loud volumes and whispering into my heart over the past few months...

I AM A CHILD OF you know this? (And isn't this plaque just too simply sweet?!)
Does it stir something in your sure wish I could say that as confidently as that plaque seems to shout it?
After recently reading a couple of books about allowing truth to take place over lies in my heart, (Victory over the Darkness, The Bondage Breaker and the e-book Core Lies), along with memorizing scriptures that speak more of what I am, rather than what I am not, I have begun to experience and take in deep, restful, peace-bringing breaths over the truth of who I am IN Christ, Who He is to me, and just who I am to Him. Here's a few of those truths...

My belief is that if the enemy knows he can't steal our eternity away, he'll attempt to steal our sanity away, for the rest of our days on earth, by coaxing us to believe un-truths about who we are in Jesus.

So, when I was looking through the featured products available for review this month, I saw this I AM A CHILD OF GOD plaque, I knew this was the one! One more piece to be added to my puzzle of truth-speaking, over the lies of what I can choose to believe on a daily basis, the fact that I am a chosen child of God. Which also reminds me that I am SO deeply loved, cherished and delighted in by my Abba Father that nothing can cross into the path of my life without His loving hand sifting over it first, to determine what He knows is best, and is in His most good and loving plan for my life, to mold and shape me more into His Son's image. What father or mother does not want what is ultimately best and will make for the most holy success of his/her child?
What else blesses and encourages my heart, in knowing with full confidence that I am a CHILD of the most-high God? That in those moments when I am most haggard and tapped out and wanting to totally FREAK out (I may or may not have had one of these days with my two-point-five year old for the past 4 hours) I can stretch on His lap, just like she does on mine, and nestle into His chest, listening to my Father's heartbeat, allowing my deep sobs to slow to that rhythm of His love for me. The heartbeat that speaks...I love you, you're safe, you're secure, I am here to lay down my life for you, to serve you and to hold you when it matters most.
These are only a few of the things that this truth of...I AM A CHILD OF GOD speak to me.
Do you know these things?
Do you place these truths around you, allowing them to speak over you when you forget to speak them to yourself?
I hope so.
I pray so, actually.
Because we children need these reminders until the day that we go home to be with Him, if we're going to make it through with our heads and hearts held high towards heaven while we finish our days on this earth.
What does I AM A CHILD OF GOD speak to you?

Say it...
 Say it again...
And again...

(I decided the wall art's final landing spot is here, right below the family silhouette section of the home, 
so that I can not only remind myself of who I am, but to teach her daily of who SHE is too.)

So, say it one final time...

Until it is embedded so deep that nothing can shake it.
That no enemy can steal it.
That no one can speak lies over you that say anything different.
Until you can take a deep, restful, peace-bringing breath over the truth of who you are IN Jesus and what that means to your Abba Father.
There you feel encouraged?
I sure do.

P.S...want this wall art up in your own home?! Go find it at...I AM A CHILD OF GOD.

Disclosure: I was provided with this piece of wall art from DaySpring at no charge to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions stated are my own.


Grace said...

I love it! So cute! Love the orange! :)

From Snowflakes To Hotcakes said...

What a great message to remember! And I love how uplifting and bright your blog appearance is. :) Just stopping over form in(Courage)'s linkup:) Hope your day is great!