Thursday, September 29, 2011

a good friend...

is worth much much more than even fine gold!
Do you have one of these matchy-matching, soul-connecting, smile-evoking,
giggle-sharing, kindred-spiriting girlfriends?
No, you say?
Why then I say...
please do go out and find you one.
they do your body good.
my mini learning the sweet sweet joys of a girlfriend!
(photo credit: Blessed and Beautiful Boggs' Blog)

this shout-out goes out to all my dear girls out's know who you's are!


The Boggs Family said...

So dang thankful YOU are one of these kindred spirit, soul-connecting, smile-evoking, giggle-sharing, matchy-matching, beautiful inside n' out kind of friend in my life!! Sure love you! That pic of Anna & Mags together is so sweet... I just can't help smile when I look at those two together having fun! :) Sure love you & think of you all the time... HUGS! xoxo

Jayne G said...

Do these shirts come in mommy sizes, I think we need to find 3 ;)