Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Falloween to you!

Have you manuevered through the maze yet?!
Go get out there and do it!

Why don't we play crazy with them more often?!
Don't they make life a heap more enjoyable, these littles in our lives?!
And a lot less, "life...just get it done, and get through it."
Seeing more of it down at their level and through their eyes, 
sure makes it all seem more grand.
Of such is the kingdom of heaven, in this mama's book.
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The Boggs Family said...

Fun! Our kiddos just did the pumpkin patch up here with my parents... there's a place called, "Greenbluff" that is utterly stunning & so beautiful; a community of farms with different things in season year 'round -- it's one of my most favorite places to visit in the Fall & I just love how much fun the kids have! How cool.... was just reading that very verse you elude to. :) HUGS to you all!

{Grace} said...

You should make an Irwin Adventure button!!! I'd put it on my blog!!!