Tuesday, January 17, 2012

that’s all it takes?!

DSC_0143Mr. Bubble and

 DSC_01444 varying size bowls?!


and a fave-o-rite baby doll?!DSC_0134

Why didn’t anybody tell me the giggles and oodles of non-troubling finding fun we’d have?!
We’ll be making these messes much more often in mama’s kitchen!!


“Do you think she likes it mama?!”DSC_0136DSC_0138DSC_0130DSC_0139DSC_0140DSC_0141DSC_0142”Oh honey, I think she’s in love with head dunks…wouldn’t you be?! I’ll try it on you in the bath tonight, and you tell me how you think she felt!” “Okay, fun!”

It doesn’t take much folks!

I don’t know why in tarnation we think they need all these new-fangled gadgets!

Oh the joys of the simpler things!

AND an added bonus…a spickin’ span floor after clean-up!DSC_0145

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The Boggs Family said...

:) Pure awesomeness... :)