Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break Spectacular!

while daddy went and played "Guillermo" in Mexico, loving all the little kids to Jesus...

mama and the lovebug went to stay with mimi and papa at their pad for 10 days.
the entertainment, helping hands, activities, and play were non-stop.
what are a mimi and papa good for you may ask?!
may i just enlighten you with a very small handful of "for goods"
that we are SO grateful for with our mimi & papa?!
and this is in only a very short 10 day staycation!
for these things and a million more, they have been deemed the:
in our book!!!

a few of the many many goods we experienced this past week in their presence:
reading books
easter egg dyeing & painting party
investing in a big girl bed
assembling said-bed
hanging canopies over said-bed
being our biggest cheerleaders
rainy day walks
organizing very messy big girl rooms
loading up going-home car,
LIFE is beautiful indeed...because you are in it.
papa and mimi, we could never have imagined (well maybe i could)
the deep love and grace and gifts and ways you would pour your lives out on our behalfs.
thank you for loving us so well.
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The Boggs Family said...

So fun to see you & Anna today; have missed you guys big time! Glad Daddy is home safe n' sound & so glad you have such amazing parents who can dote on & bless you richly... you are dearly loved my Friend. :) HUGS!! xoxo