Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Puj Flyte Review!

PUJ Tubs! Have you heard of them?!

If not, you must go check out the stupendous ingeniousness of them at Puj Baby!
I was blessedly privileged to receive one of their hot new items, a Puj Flyte tub, in exchange for a review of their product after use on our new little nugget of love!
Incredibly smooth soft non-slip material, mold and mildew resistant, PVC and BPA-free, ergonomically safe for perfect bathroom sink fitting and little drain holes on the sides (shown directly below) were just a few of the features our little growing family loved about the tub, as we all joined in together for the baby tub fun! This version of the puj tub is referred to as the "flyte" because it is so easily stored in suitcases for a tub on the go! Woot!

note to selves: this is a product that is designed to fit in most standard bathroom sinks and pedestal sinks. It will most likely NOT fit in your kitchen sink, as it did not with ours...

This little ditty pops out of its packaging and POOF, it opens from its sandwiched hold to a tub!
It even has a little round hole for a hang-job for quick dry-outs (it's actually made of material that dries in a few short seconds after use)! They sure thought of it all!

But once we trekked into the bathroom and started the fill, wahlah! Perfect fit for our bathroom duds!

We set the little man-baby in here and he didn't even make a peep,
as he usually has to adjust himself into the normal everyday joe tub we bathe him in.
It was like he just knew this was the cradle-me-right-in tub-for-him! :)
This tub can be used until the little chubby monkeys make it to 17 pounds or 6 months of age, whichever comes first. I think my little roly poly will probably make it to the poundage first!
It holds the perfecto amount of water for baby comfort and mama safety concerns!

one small disclaimer as viewed above and below here...
the sink head (depending on the height of your spout) did not make for easy refill of water if freshness was desired. There was no way to turn the water on without turning it directly onto little A's tummy, so we just recycled the water in the tub throughout the whole bath. (maybe part of the Puj company's desire to Go Green for the earth and the family too?!) 

As I said, the whole family got to join in on the fun since it's all right at counter height (no back breaking, lean-over, knee-crushing job for mom, wahoo!)...

Daddy used a dixie cup for hair rinse job, ha! Those dads sure know how to get creative in a pinch don't they?!

Awwww, look at the daddy baby love going on in the bokeh! 

I'd say he's a pretty cozy, content, clean customer.
These thoughts are all of my own opinions based on my
review of the Puj Flyte tube given to me for sampling.
Thank you Puj for letting us enjoy your product!


Jayne said...

oh wow, that looks wonderful and you have one content baby there :) So nice you don't have to hold onto his little head or be concerned about slipping. Thanks for sharing! That looks like something that would be great as a baby shower gift!

The Boggs Family said...

He is just so darn cute, Krystal!! I miss bath times at this sweet little stage. ;) So glad you are enjoying the moments & capturing so well on camera these early memories. Love you!
P.S. Where were these tubs when my babies were little?! So cool!!!