Monday, September 18, 2006

On the job injuries...

I have officially braved the world of the Nail Gun!! I'm still a little hesitant around it. But I figured the day to start using it should definitely be the day we were putting the floorboards onto our own house. I don't know what it was--something just came over me and I picked it up and decided, Yes, I'm going to start using this gun now, and nothing can stop me now. I am woman, hear me roar, or watch me shoot.
Here's my Will, checking out the 3 foot backyard behind our house. It's going to be a tight squeeze back there, as we also have a slider door and deck that will be coming off of that back left corner. Doesn't mean we're not grateful though, just going to have to get creative back there. This was actually just a few moments before I lost him down one of the holes between the floor joists. Good thing there's insulation in there for a little bit of padding.
The moment before, the leg was sliced. And yes, he did have to go get a tetanus shot and his arm hurt for days, but he's protected now for future issues. At least from the infections that come from saws and nails, not the removal of parts because of these power tools. Can you tell it was a long and dangerous day. My man is sure tough though. Wouldn't even let me clean his saw gash up until the work was done! We finished the floor boards this day and we are now working on the layout for the walls on our house now. Woohoo!  Posted by Picasa

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