Monday, September 11, 2006

Yes we do work together, sometimes...

Check it out, I think it's our first photo opp together! I realized we hadn't shown any proof that we do show up and work together almost every day! And we even smile while doing it. And no, we've never used those hammers on each other.:)
We do ask for your prayers as working 15 hour days 6 days per week, a lot of that tough, wall-raising physical labor, is tending to wear on us. Homemade dinners and moments alone relaxing together are NOT on the agenda right now. We know this is where God has called us to work in His mighty strength right now but we also get weary too, as we're still starting this brand new marriage too. So, intercede on our behalf please, anytime God leads you to. We are much appreciative.
P.S. We're also much appreciate of our wonderful volunteers pictured above: Dad Kuitert, Jon Knudson, and not pictured above: Kia Gregory, Paul and Jan Glazner. We're so surrounded by awesome people.
P.P.S. The best gift of all today--dinner brought to us, barbeque and all, to eat in our new half-built garage, our first Irwin family meal at the new home, by the Glazners. We love you guys so.

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Megs said...

that's so awesome, the adventures of new marriage, building a home.... but oh the turmoil that can come when frazled from too much work and too little down time together. May God continue to show Himself fully sufficient, unfailingly faithful over all details of your life and the sustainer and perfecter of His works!! That's you and the marriage for sure!! LOVE YA TONS sista!