Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Shots...

See our little humble abode off in the left hand corner of the picture, this is the end of our new little cul-de-sac. Woohoo!
Here's a shot from the roof of house #8, looking at houses #9 and #10. The one on the left is house #9 and UCC's construction class is building that one all the way up to the roof. The one on the right is the last house we have to build (externally anyway)!!!!! Yeah, that's right! Can you believe it? We can't either!

We also found out some REALLY good news this last weekend for those of you we haven't bragged about it yet to, we are having our sheetrock hanging-job subcontracted out now!! That takes like months off of our job. And that makes our March 15th deadline date a lot more realistic. I figure I can totally make it 1.5 more months. I am nearing the feeling of a burned-out construction man and I'm SO ready to become feminine and clean and to make the inside of my home beautiful. So, just pray that all works out a little quicker and smoother now that we know we have that sheetrock job off of our backs.

This is the roof job for house #8 which is now all up and they are almost done with sheeting it--putting the sheets of wood down on the trusses to make a roof (for those of you like me that are not so big on construction terminology).

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