Friday, June 20, 2008

And they're off...

My Follow-Jesus-to-wherever-He-leads friends, the Coulombe's, are off on their nationwide venture to love on, feed and share the gospel with the poor and needy. Here are a couple of videos and their blogs to follow, and I'd love to ask for your prayers on their behalf for daily empowerment by the Spirit to live out all God asks them to do!

Videos: (done about 7 months ago) (done about 1 month ago)

Blogs: (the Mustard Seed group's blog)


a woman found said...

Krystal- I'm so glad one day a few months back I clicked on your link to the Coloumbe's. I've been so blessed to read Andy and Seren's entries in their blogs and to pray for them. They come to mind often!

Prayin' with a smile for you too as I see your "belly" growing with that little ticker on the side...not much longer!!!


Serenity said...

hey friend,
thanks for the props. We appreciate ANY exposure for prayer and support we can get!
Love you and so glad we got to talk the other night.

Serenity said...

hey friend,
thanks for the props! We appreciate ANY exposure to prayer and support we can get!
So glad we got to talk, good to hear your voice!
love you