Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Movin' on Up!!

(up north that is...to the land of Suther...Sutherlin, Oregon)
What, you just moved in?!!?!
Tis the question of the hour by most folks, but we are definitely at a place in time that it is appropriate to make the big move, AGAIN, Lord willing of course!
After moving in last June, and Will was hired on staff as Kid's Pastor at church, we quickly realized that the commute time and expense from Green to Sutherlin was going to be a bit of a strain on him, 6 days a week. Although, God has provided in big ways (energy, multiplied hours and funding) over the past year and we have never been lacking.
But, as baby Anna is approaching her arrival into the world, we both realize that the hours of the ministry (without the ability to pop in and out of the house for mealtimes on long days) are going to be a bit of stretch, as are the miles between Will and I, when that time arrives.
The biggest thing both of our hearts beat for in Kid's ministry at SFC, is to have the ability to be more involved and ingrained in the community we are serving in North Douglas County. For Will to be able to attend extracurricular activities of the kids, coach basketball as he's able, and just in general be available at the drop of a pin for the needs of the little (and big) sheep he is shepherding, is just not able to happen (with much ease) from 25 miles away.
So, all those things being laid on our hearts, and after much prayer and deliberation over the letting go of the "former things" we have been living in and loving down here in the Green district, we feel that God's hand is moving and guiding and we are willing (with our grief baggage packed along) to follow. I quickly learned when we were first moving into our "blood, sweat and tears" home (we did a sweat equity program for 1 year to get into this home, for those of you who don't know) that I had no rights to even claim that much glory or hold onto this home for myself. God soon converted my mind after move-in, that this is my "Giving-God-the-Glory-Home", and that I had no permission to claim it as my own or hold it as my own, as something I would never let go. I seem to have to learn that lesson with each "thing" He gives me, over and over. This one's been a rough one, after so much of our newly married life and love has been poured into it. It was my very first palette to work with for home decorating and I have relished in every moment of it, never to give a moment or paint splatter of it back! But as I'm daily reminded right now...
"The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord." -Job 1:21
So, all that being said...do you know a buyer?!??! Our home is listed with Joanne Graham with the Century 21/The Neil Company in Roseburg and here's the web listing...
You can see the listing for more info or pass along this info to anyone else you might know that could possibly be looking in the Green area.
'Till then, we sit and wait and pray for God to make the big move for us (we know it's going to have to be a God-thing in this market!) And then when it does, Will has so graciously agreed to have moving and painting crews for me, as I don't have much to offer him these days being prego or having a new babe if we end up selling in the fall. I've got such a good man!
The waiting game of life, isn't that what it's always about anyways? :)

Wait on the LORD;
Be of good courage,
And He shall strengthen your heart;
Wait, I say, on the LORD!
-Psalm 27:14


KiaBia said...

Saying a prayer that you have a smooth transition with selling your place and finding a new one.

Mama Amy said...

DONT LEAVE ME :(...ok I'll still pray for you even though I don't want you to move...Love you

Mama Amy said...

DON'T LEAVE US IRWINS :( Well I guess will pray for you anyways.

Serenity said...

Hey lady,
Ahh...the waiting. Can I ever identify with you right now. I love you and know that the Lord has it all planned accordingly.
Enjoy your home while you have it!

Heather said...

I was surprised to hear the news, but completely understand. It's hard for me to have a church family that is 30 miles from me (and I'm not even full time staff!). But I know one thing for sure, with all the time you spent ushering the Lord's presence into your home and all the prayers you have prayed over that place, whoever moves there will certainly have an encounter with the Lord! I know that what you did there has an impact throughout eternity and it will certainly bless those who will live there in the future.