Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Mimi date and some Papa Paul time…

Even grandma’s get playdates, we learned over Spring Break!!! Bugsy’s Mimi had a friend whose grandson Luke (who happens to be my childhood friend’s son) was coming down to stay with her for the week and the gramma’s decided it was high time for their own playdate! So, off Mimi and Anna went and had much playdate fun of their own for once!!!!

DSC_0008 DSC_0007

And there was no pinching, hiting, or biting involved during tot-play time, yay!!!

And then, the little love bug got spoiled with some splashing in the puddles, “borrowing” neighbor’s car toys, bath-and-song-time-fun with Papa Paul one night as mama and daddy got to sneak away for a late night shopping trip-date! Man, we’re blessed with some seriously loving family!

Solving the world’s problems together…DSC_0001

We love that we have others pouring God’s truth into her little heart, as much as we are! It sure does take a village to raise a child! And we’re pretty durn blessed by the one we’re part of!

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