Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring LURVE!

I LURVE spring flowers, tulips and hyacinths especially!

I LURVE Easter dresses!

I LURVE hand-knitted navy blue shrugs with chunky white buttons!

I LURVE my vivacious spirited joy-filled tot!

I LURVE being a mama-tog!

And I therefore LURVE mixing them up in front of my camera’s eye and then spicing them up with my new free actions in my new way-inexpensive Photoshop Elements program that I’m baby-stepping my way through learning about!

DSC_0028 copy DSC_0029 copy DSC_0031 copy DSC_0036 copy DSC_0038 copy DSC_0043 copy DSC_0047 copy DSC_0049 copy  DSC_0059 copy DSC_0060 copy DSC_0062 copy  DSC_0071 copyDSC_0074 copy  DSC_0077 copy DSC_0081 copy DSC_0082 copy DSC_0088 copy DSC_0091 copy DSC_0092 copy DSC_0093 copy DSC_0094 copy DSC_0095 copy DSC_0096 copy

It was definitely a LURVE-filled day!


Kia Gregory said...

Wow. She just keeps growing. Wish I could be there to see her in real life. I would squish her to pieces.

KI said...

Beautiful Daughter!

Mama in Uganda said...

Oh me oh my, she is just way to cute.

By the way, thanks for the recent blog comment.

Love from Uganda