Tuesday, July 5, 2011

An exciting new book-maker!!

So, I'd heard the name of this company going around Blog-dom
and finally decided to try them out for myself.
Paper Coterie
Doesn't the name just sound fun and fresh?!
Well, they just so happened to totally and completely live up to that ring!
I've been wanting to create a journal for my cheeky and full-o-sass little two-point-five year old to record and forever remember, for her and for us, all of the craziness that comes out of that mouth all.day.long.
When I saw that Paper Coterie had a coupon code for journals for, wait for this...
I jumped all over it and ordered right up!
Shipping was my only fee!
So, you can imagine my excitement as the days ticked off the calendar to receive my FREE treasure!
What stay-at-home-mama doesn't love a good freebie?!
When it arrived and sunk into my happy little hands,
my pleasure increased the second I opened it up and the contents spilled onto my lap!
I'll just give you a little guided tour of the treasure trove itself.
These P.C. people think of everything, down to the very last drop...

The packaging, ahhhh....

A mini letter in a darling bite-sized envelope for me?!?!

What?! WHO are you people, to send me a necklace to boot?!
I have already sported it, often.

Could the cuteness factor even rate any higher?!

A welcome to the circle note!
And then the glory unfolded!

Ahhh, need I say more?!
Incredibly quality and professionally done, beautiful product!

Not a beat was missed!

That's it, you did it, I am forever yours.


Grace said...

Looks awesome! I love it!!! :)

Christina said...

Where did you find the coupon?

KI said...

GO there now! The sale is back!