Monday, July 25, 2011

He went to OUR Jesus...

We had a man die who attended our church this past week, who Will had been able to connect with and encourage the family throughout his leaving-to-be-with-Jesus state.
So, death was being unusually spoken about more often in the home, for our little almost-three year old.
When we were on a family drive last night the Little Bug spoke up loudly, obviously out of her own conversation going on in her head, from the backseat...
"Craig died." (pause)
"He went to be with Jesus." (pause)
"Our Jesus."
I looked at the hubs, as if to say...did you tell her that?
He looked back at me with that look that said...kind of sort of not really exactly like that.
I guess our wee one had been gathering her own little bitty BIG thoughts, this week, about life and death and where we go and WHO we are with when we get there.
Where he went, Father, may she also be someday. 
In Your arms for eternity. 
With You as HER Jesus too. 
And grant me that simple, matter-of-fact, 
confident, no qualms or questions asked about it kind of childlike faith,
that just knows that she knows that she knows, 
where we will go someday and that we'll all meet again 
with OUR Jesus forever too.

 (photo credit to Live to Worship blog)

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The Boggs Family said...

It IS, so sweet... of the most touching variety it seems - when we hear Truth spoke with the innocence and awe that only comes through child-like faith. How blessed to be raising children and pointing them to Jesus! I loved reading this, and the honesty of things being more matter-of-fact for our little ones as they piece together life lessons and their faith grows. :) Your little Anna is just as sweet as can be!!