Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ever get your doctrine...

rearranged by a three year old?
I just did.
While starting to crunch into our first bites of leftovers today at lunch, I remembered, mouth wide open, to thank Jesus for "feeding us today and every day."
This little literal learner whom I love the very soul of, stops me mid-prayer...
"Mama (spoken with the huff of a tweenager in all her glory),
Jesus doesn't FEED us.
He GIVES us the food.
We FEED ourselves."
Point taken.
And really unquestionable from this mama's point of view, when looking literally at the mini dimpled hand attached to the pizza slice entering her mini dimpled mouth.
You're right baby, feed on, and Jesus will keep on giving.
Case in point...

and then one more for good measure, just because I think she makes a pretty cute cool chick in shades, in the dentist's chair...


The Boggs Family said...

Smart girl!! :) ... and wise mama - she is so blessed to have you & Will guiding her and pointing to Jesus! Look at these Truths she's discovering at just THREE!! :) And btw, how totally cute is she in her shades at the dentist!! ;)

Serenity said...

I love it!