Sunday, July 16, 2006

Family Day at the Lot!!

7.13.06...Oh what joy family days bring!! Thys and Kate (my brother and sis-in-law for those of you who are wondering who in tarnation these beautiful people are in the photo with us) were down for the weekend for a serious "golf weekend". He and my dad received some serious winnings, both of their teams winning at the top of their flights (some crazy golf lingo). My mama loved her chicks in the nest and was a little sad today when they all flew the coop again today. We took them all out for a tour of the progress on the property while they were down. Kate was hoping to work with us on Saturday but volunteers are still, sadly, not allowed to work yet until we get things a little more underhand. We just love our family and family times!

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Kia Gregory said...

Beautiful! I love family time. Makes me miss my bro. And diggin' the 'do on Will. Thanks for sharing.