Sunday, July 23, 2006

"The models that try men's souls"

When most people see this picture they think to themselves, "My, that is a hard worker." but they would be sadly mistaken...this is what we, in the business, like to call a pose. The model, me, pretends to be working to give the allusion that he, me, is contributing to the job at hand when in actuallity I have no idea how to spell contrybutte.

Well, things are coming along "swimmingly" we have three foundations laid and the floor joist set in two of them. Tomorrow, 7/24/06, I will be leading a team of Jewish kids from the East coast in building walls for the third house.

Our house has yet to see any movement, but I am content knowing that Duke still has a chance to compete for the national title every year (basketball not lacrosse).

Thank you all for your support and prayers; it is going to be a great season.


Kia Gregory said...

Funny, Will. Good to see you showing "model" behavior on the houses of your neighbors. Wait so the lacrosse team guys are innocent right?

Will and Krystal Irwin said...

innocent like the mafia