Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Slicin and Dicin (almost)

I actually considered as I wrote this title, what in the world am I doing making light of this little accident today? Then I remembered, I'M MARRIED TO WILL. Who am I kidding, trying to NOT make light of anything in life? I live in a "making life lighter" world now. Aren't you all excited for me?:)
The big incident at the site today was, as you can see, a little slice through the shorts with the saws-all (sp?, still learning my construction vocab) and thank the LORD, literally, that Will only grazed his leg with this lovely piece of machinery. I had just happened to step away when he was sawing a wall apart to fix a mistake (something we spend 1/2 of our time doing) and it jerked out of the wall and threw his body weight for a loop and skirted across him. I wasn't too happy about him picking it up and using it again but there was really no way around it, he said. Get used to it, I guess. One of our homeowners shot himself in the finger the other day with the nail gun. Good thing Will is the team's designated "safety guy." We'll have to look something up for a lesson on taking care when using the saws-all.
I guess you could say today was a moment of learning WHOSE hands my beloved's life really is in--not mine that is. I thank God that He cares for us through every day of this process. Posted by Picasa

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Kia Gregory said...

Woe, drama at the home sites. Do they have the EMT's waiting on the sideline's like at football games. They shoyuld probably consider it.