Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Clap Offerings for God...

Got this funny little phrase of "clap offerings" for God from one of my favorite bible study teachers--Beth Moore, who does it anytime God does something good and just deserves some outward praise for it.
So anyway, the clap offering is in the camera department...you were probably all wondering how in one post our camera broke, and in the next, we had pictures again...
God has seen fit to use our amazingly gracious friends to not only donate to start a camera fund for us, but also to have one friend send her "oldie, but goodie" camera up from California for use on the jobsite to keep us rolling with photographing our house-venture. We have also been borrowing my parents, until we were able to drum up one for ourselves.
So--clap offerings to God and thanks to our loved ones for being willing to be used by God, to help provide for us. You guys rock this Irwin house!


Anonymous said...

Well, I gave a clap offering last night and a good on'ya, for all the great work that's been going on and all the great help you've had.

Jacqulynn said...

dagfinnHi Krystal & Will,

It was such a pleasure to have you
in our home.

Projects like yours helped build this country and we are delighted
to see you are carrying on the
tradition. We will pray for you and your successful completion of your home.

Jackie & Ronnie