Sunday, October 1, 2006

How's the house coming along?

The question of day these days! So here is the beauty in all her glory. Our new home...

The current status is that the subflooring is done, which Will and I got to do a bundle of. And the next step is the layout for the walls we will begin to start framing this week! There are 4 other houses that have the trusses all up and we are trying to get the sheeting on them so the roofers can come do their work so we will have at least 4 houses closed in before the lovely Oregon rain sets in. Then we can do interior work on these homes until the sun and light come back out to do the exterior work on the others. So here's the latest update pics...
My dad and I actually got to do this primary layout work together on this wall. What a special bonding time these work days are for he and I.
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