Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Check this Chica Out!!!

Will and I thought we should give a hip-hip hooray and a cheers to one of our lovely friends and construction assistants...Mrs. Kia Gregory and fam too! Do you hear the crowd roaring now? We do!
These are just a few pics of the Gregoy visits out to the lot...house dedication & scripture writing day with the girlies, Olivia & Ella, photo opp day done by Kia with Will and Krystal and regretfully so, we had NO pics of the day Kia came out and swang a hammer and used the chop saw. She was woman and you could have heard her roar that day!:)
Cheers to Kia, she's the best!

1 comment:

KiaBia said...

Oh, how sweet. And I was totally giving you and Steve Irwin a hard time.