Friday, March 16, 2007

The Storm of the following day

"No. 11 VCU shocks sixth seed Duke in final seconds" ( Headline)

Let the jeering, the mocking, the ridicule, the scorn and all teasing begin. Duke is done and I am left to ponder the true nature of my friendships. The petty souls who said they were my friend...but now in my darkest hour I see their "true colors shining through". "HEY WHAT HAPPENED TO DUKE. HAHAHA" "HEY I THOUGHT YOU GUYS WERE SUPPOSE TO BE GOOD!" "HEY WHY DIDN'T THEY STOP THAT GUY?" "HEY WHEN IS DUKE GOING TO START RECRUITING PLAYERS WHO AREN'T PARAPLEGICS?" "WHO IS VCU ANYWAY?" I have heard them all...and it isn't even 9:00 am.


Anonymous said...

well I won't start teasing or anything... I'm just as bummed out :(

Cristina said...

So does that mean Matthew and I are true friends- since we watched it with you and didn't even make fun? Two points for the Cherrys!

KiaBia said...

OH, and don't forget the messages on the machine...DUKE is OUT.