Thursday, March 20, 2008

A word for all dads of prego moms...

"Week 16: It's Not Fat (according to
Each week we'll send you a note to share with the dad-to-be in your life. Pass it on!
Say it again: It's not fat, it's not fat, it's not fat. FAT is a four-letter word right now, and she spends every minute of every day wondering if her body will ever return to its original shape. If you know what's good for you, you will banish the word "fat" from your vocabulary starting now. If you absolutely need to reference your wife's size, memorize this scientifically correct synonym: maternal storage tissue."

Got a GOOD laugh out of this one as I read it out loud to Will just now. Thought you all might get a good laugh for the day too out of it. Maternal storage tissues, I love it! Those are my 3 new fave words! Do we ever really grow out of this "inspection" of the body, even as little girls in our "grown-up" bodies...

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