Sunday, September 27, 2009

So grateful

for stuff like this...
After just coming out of a year of my life "as it was" to life being "as it is now",
it's so refreshing to hear of other real live women out there
who have to learn to re-situate the face of their timeclock with Jesus, hubby and kids.
Enjoy this honest gal's sorting through it all
and her receptivity of God's understanding and un-boxed-in grace.


Phil said...

Hey Irwin three! I have checked out your blog before but did not have an account so could not comment. How are things going for you. I can definitely tell that this is your firstborne!
Hey happy birthday Will.. I think that it is coming up soon.
God bless you three!

D & A said...

Thanks for the comment krystal. It's been fun following you guys online too! Reading what's God doing in your life and family, it's a pleasure to read. Sounds like Will had a blast birthday present. Happy belated birthday to him. and hope your move in to your new casa is full of joy...Hope your holidays this year will be a bundle of peace and warmth in your new home! Say hello to little anna too!