Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Punkin' Patch!

We took the lil punkin to the punkin patch on Monday! What joy it brings us to see the delight sparkle in her eyes over new experiences!
Cutie patootie hats for sale at KidMart!!!
"Yeah right mom. Forget cutie patootie, I'm totally OVER it!"
She actually got kinda freaked out when we set her on the pumpkins. Could it have possibly been that stem on the bum that bothered you, honey?

As long as she could just inspect them herself, they were pretty durn cool!"Come on Dad, let's get outta here. Mom's obssessed with that black thing in our faces isn't she?" "Let's go inspect these amazing rocks instead!"

"Mama, have you even seen how they make these rocks at the punkin patch?! They're way different than the ones at home!"

Proof that mama does exist on the other side of the camera...
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