Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What do you do...

with an extremely clingy-fussy-screams-when-anyone-but-mama-holds-her child?
Strap her on,
in your fabulously created mei-tai carrier
and let her tag along
for the ride of her life!

And YES, if you're wondering...the haggard look was caused and increased by the little growth on my back. OH I LOVE HER SO, THOUGH!!! You're worth all of it baby!
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(I'll give you the mei-tai designer's info if you're in the market b/c you have these days at your home too!)


jamie said...

oh, i've been there before! :) but it looks like it works just long as you don't bend over, too far! haha

i love your new house! from all the pictures, it looks beautiful! we'll get to see you and introduce you to lana at christmas, if you're around!!!

ericandash said...

I have been there too! Violet is cutting her first four molars and has been extra clingy lately too! On the bright side, you get a workout too... even though you may not have wanted one ;)