Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Do you ever just stare at them in wonder?

I did that today. Stared at you in wonder.
I was lying by you, sweet sleepy thing, just staring at your deep breathing chest, your wholly peaceful face, your settled soul, fully at rest, all nooked up, under my arm, and I first I was in awe...that God gave you to me, gifted me your life in my womb, then brought your fullness into my arms.
And now almost 3 years later, you're still here, your fullness, still in my arms.
And it made me want to rest like that, all nooked up, under my Father's arm.
Finding deep breaths, sweet rest, soul settling and constant peace too.
I love you so my sweet, wild, joy-filled, crazy-when-you're-awake child.
I love our moments together, when you don't even know I'm watching, taking you all in.
I'll never stop.


The Boggs Family said...

Soooo sweet Krystal! p.s. have you ever read, "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp? may enjoy ;)

Grace said...

She is so cute and sweet. LOVE HER!!! :)