Monday, August 29, 2011

More of Life Lately...

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Tomato firstfruits, hooray!

Irwin Garden Fresh Homemade Pizza!

Chicken Run Fun!

Enjoying Cousin Adam's fabulous pepper-coring creation! 
Sold at a Bed, Bath & Beyond near you!

Dehydrating garden herbs for an Irwin Herb creation! 
Coming to a kitchen near you soon!

Turning Thirty-Three! Thirties ARE the new Twenties, right?! I'm feelin' it already!

Shooting the girl and her "girls"...

A surprise birthday grown-ups-only trip to Enchanted Forest!
You'd have thought from the looks we got there, that it was illegal to be there without our child or something! ha!

A fabulous ultra-restorative getaway at a pastoral retreat center,
with a 4 mile hike and 10 waterfalls on boot!

As papa says most often at our house...Life is Good folks, Life is Good.
So is God, who makes it Good, for that matter! ;)
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The Boggs Family said...

Awe!!!.... love it!! What great pics, Krystal! I just love you guys like crazy & smile from ear to ear til my cheeks hurt when I'm looking through your pics & reading about life. Hugs, hugs, hugs & lots of love!!

The Boggs Family said...

P.S. your homemade pizza looks incredible! Look at you! And look at your herb basket! ... and those OH-MY-MISS-AMERICAN-PIE-CUTENESS pics of Anna with the chickens! Love it! Love all your bday pics, too... :)