Saturday, August 6, 2011

What makes my heart sing in the wee late hours of this dark eve?!

The most beautiful, freshly discovered, hay covered, warm & squishy inside, first born ever, golden ticket, 
joy and pride producing
first fruits, free-range Irwin Funny Farm chicken egg, 
you ever did see.
Your literal labors have paid off girls.
We've done our job and now you've done yours.
Welcome home, to urban farmstead sustainable living, Irwin family, welcome home.

"...and bring your father and your families back to me.
I will give you the best of the land of Egypt
and you can enjoy the fat of the land."
-Genesis 45:18

1 comment:

The Boggs Family said...

...and there it is! ;) Sweet victory! :) Pat that good girl for me next time you go out to feed them. Love that you guys are creating an urban farm right here! :)